Jun 07

Led Grow Lights for your Houseplants

The advent of technology has resulted in the use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) grow lights in indoor agriculture and horticulture. LED grow lights have become popular and are gaining wider acceptance than the traditionally used Incandescent grow lights, Fluorescent grow lights & High-pressure sodium lamps. A lot of research has gone into the development […]

May 24

Plan Out Kitchen Lighting for Best Results

Planning any area of the home to maximize efficiency and bring out its beauty will make it a better place to live. With kitchen track lighting, a well-thought-out schematic will help you get the most joy out of your kitchen, and make it a more pleasant place to be in. Kitchen lights play an important […]

Jan 26

Landscaping Flagstone

When planning hardscape elements of landscaping, flag stone makes a great, versatile complement to your plans. Landscaping flag stone is flat and often relatively thin when compared to rocks and boulders you may use in other areas of your yard. The use of this type of stone is limitless based on your budget, imagination, and […]

Dec 15

Choosing a bathroom cabinet

Special attention must be paid to the right choice of bathroom cabinets – they play a large role in the decor of your bathroom and account for nearly half the cost of any bathroom-remodeling project. Choice of bathroom cabinets depends on a host of factors – size of your bathroom, your storage requirements and your […]

Aug 14

Things To Consider Before Installing Kitchen Island Lighting

After getting a stylish kitchen island installed in your kitchen, you must make sure that you install just the right kind of lighting over it as the island is going to be the central area of attraction of your kitchen and with incorrect light fixtures, you might end up spoiling its look. Kitchen island lighting […]

Aug 06

Front Door Design

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the front door is the entrances to the home – well, usually, unless you welcome your guests through your back door instead of the front door! And since the front door is the first thing that your guests see when they approach your home, it […]

Jul 16

Installing doors

A Door looks like it would be an easy do-it-yourself project. That is until you do it. Doors are tricky, putting them up can feel like trying to put a round peg into a square hole because they have to be just so in order to hang right and swing straight. Poorly hung doors can […]

Jul 05

Just When your Window Needs a Pane-Lift!

  The window is a very important part of the home  from the inside and outside. If you think the current design of your home window leaves too much to be desired, finding a replacement window is easy – just start surfing online or do some window window-shopping to give your windows a new look! […]

Jun 18

What´s Available in Window Blinds

There are literally hundreds of different styles, and colors in window blinds you can choose for your home, ranging from simple to funky to exotic and everything in between. Staring at the rows of window blinds can be a brain numbing experience, but this simple guide will unwind the mystery and help you decide what´s in, what´s out and what´s right for you. Basically, there are only a few types of window blinds on the market today that appear in many different colors and styles. Choose a coordinating color or material for the room in question and then take your pick from the following types of window blinds:

Mini window blinds

Mini-blinds are the window blinds of the past. Their metal interiors have proven not to be the best material available for window blinds. After a short while, your mini-blinds will begin to bend into unsightly positions, rust and accumulate dirt that just won´t come clean. Though they gained popularity in the 80´s it was short lived once it was realized that they were a poor choice for window blinds.