Special attention must be paid to the right choice of bathroom cabinets – they play a large role in the decor of your bathroom and account for nearly half the cost of any bathroom-remodeling project. Choice of bathroom cabinets depends on a host of factors – size of your bathroom, your storage requirements and your budget. Ideas for bathroom cabinets and vanity cabinets are available aplenty – home decorating magazines are full of them! You can choose wooden cabinets or painted or laminated ones.

Bathroom cabinets can be fitted with vertical dividers and drawers to put the available space to best use. Ensure that bathroom cabinets have solid frames and reinforced corners. The cabinet doors must operate smoothly and quietly. The cabinets you choose must provide sufficient storage so that your personal items are not left scattered all over the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are shallower than most kitchen cabinets. Usually their depth is about 16 inches.

Choosing a bathroom cabinet

According to Tree Lopping Pimpama a bathroom cabinets are excellent storage options for toiletries, linen and medicines that can last a lifetime most especially if it is made of quality materials taken from a hardwood trees. These cabinets can be custom built or can be picked from the custom stock. Stock cabinets for the bathroom come in different sizes. Choose one that fits your requirements in terms of size, color, material and style. Stock bathroom cabinets are also easy to install and they come in standard shapes and sizes. Such cabinets do not care of any unique storage needs. Compare warranties and service facilities offered by different manufacturers of stock cabinets. The quality is reflected in the hardware and hinges and overall finish of the cabinet. Custom cabinets for the bathroom can be built to suit the bathroom dimensions and individual needs. They are crafted to adhere to the design specifications that are demanded. They are costlier on account of the workmanship involved. But you can choose a style and layout to match your needs.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

A well-designed bathroom vanity cabinet goes a long way in offering storage space and enhancing the interiors. Mirrored cabinets, lighted interiors and special storage for jewelry and medicines are some of the features of a well-designed vanity bathroom cabinet. Bathroom vanity cabinets are sometimes equipped with electrical sockets for electric shavers and hair dryers.

Additional cabinets

An additional cabinet in the bathroom can create more storage space. When you want additional cabinets for the bathroom, ensure that they complement the existing cabinets and fixtures. Choose a similar stock kitchen cabinet so as to provide additional storage space. Adhere to a similar style and color scheme or opt for additional cabinets that form a dramatic contrast to the existing bathroom cabinets. You can opt for a flush-mounted cabinet as an additional storage option. This helps in adding to the storage without cluttering up the available space.