When planning hardscape elements of landscaping, flag stone makes a great, versatile complement to your plans. Landscaping flag stone is flat and often relatively thin when compared to rocks and boulders you may use in other areas of your yard. The use of this type of stone is limitless based on your budget, imagination, and over all plan for your landscaping atmosphere.

Here are a number of main, traditional uses for landscaping flag stone, including paths, walkways, patio flooring and even stone walls. Each element, or even all elements, can add some punch to your yard, or even an old world flair, depending on how you use the stone.

Cork Flooring Brisbane suggested that if you are planning on flag stones for a floor or walkway, you will want to think of size, shape and color. If a patio is what you are flooring, fewer, larger stones will serve better. A few complimentary colors should make up your palate, alternating in as natural a pattern as possible. The landscaping flag stones will be laid in a bed of concrete or other material to form a conglomerate surface.

A walkway, however, can be made of flagstones laid individually in the ground, allowing the grass or mulch or other materials to flow around the stones, marking out a foot path. You may opt for stones all of the same color, or add one or two off-color stones for some punch. Smaller stones could work well here, but just be sure they are big enough to provide sure footing, especially if the yard is wet or muddy. If flag stones are used for walkways or flooring, it is a good idea that their surfaces are roughed a bit to keep from becoming slippery when wet.

Using flag stones for walls provide for a more linear look that river rock or other, rounder stones. Flag stones are great to use as flooring and steps, using the same kind of stone. This will provide a nice flow of hardscape up a slope. Flag stone also makes great bases for waterfalls and other water features.

When laying out plans for laying stone in your yard, consider adding classic flat lines with flag stone.