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Jun 18

What´s Available in Window Blinds

There are literally hundreds of different styles, and colors in window blinds you can choose for your home, ranging from simple to funky to exotic and everything in between. Staring at the rows of window blinds can be a brain numbing experience, but this simple guide will unwind the mystery and help you decide what´s in, what´s out and what´s right for you. Basically, there are only a few types of window blinds on the market today that appear in many different colors and styles. Choose a coordinating color or material for the room in question and then take your pick from the following types of window blinds:

Mini window blinds

Mini-blinds are the window blinds of the past. Their metal interiors have proven not to be the best material available for window blinds. After a short while, your mini-blinds will begin to bend into unsightly positions, rust and accumulate dirt that just won´t come clean. Though they gained popularity in the 80´s it was short lived once it was realized that they were a poor choice for window blinds.