After getting a stylish kitchen island installed in your kitchen, you must make sure that you install just the right kind of lighting over it as the island is going to be the central area of attraction of your kitchen and with incorrect light fixtures, you might end up spoiling its look. Kitchen island lighting needs to be such that it enhances the appearance of the island while also providing enough illumination according to one’s requirements. Before starting your search for kitchen light fixtures for your kitchen island, you must weigh and consider certain things so that you are able to select the best options for your needs quickly.

Firstly, you need to decide the type of lighting that you need. This would depend on your usage of your island. If you use your kitchen island for cooking, cleaning or other activities that require strong illumination, then you would require task lights and if you generally have only meals on the island, then ambient lights would be more suitable for your needs.

In task kitchen lighting, the most preferred option is pendant lighting. Light pendants provide intense illumination without any shadows. You can either go for one large pendant hanging at the center or two-three smaller pendants across the length of island. Another popular option is track lights. The advantage with track lights is that you would be able to direct the light towards that part of the island where you are working. However, irrespective of the type of task lighting you opt for, ensure that the lights are not so strong or uncovered that they begin inducing headaches as you begin to prepare meals or clean dishes on your island.

With ambient kitchen lights, one is spoiled for choice since there are a number of options available in stylish and elegant island lights in the market. Though of course ambient lights need to be really soft and easy on the eyes, they should not be so soft that they have to be switched on other lights to see properly the items that your are eating. The most popular type of ambient light fixtures is globe fixtures or chandeliers.

Nevertheless, if you require both task lights and ambient lights for your island, then you need not be dismayed as there are some smart options to take care of your needs as well. For both illumination and ambiance, task lights with dimmers are most suitable. In addition, if you do not want to go for dimmers, then another option is getting two sets of task lights: one of them with bright bulbs and the other with softer bulbs.