There are literally hundreds of different styles, and colors in window blinds you can choose for your home, ranging from simple to funky to exotic and everything in between. Staring at the rows of window blinds can be a brain numbing experience, but this simple guide will unwind the mystery and help you decide what´s in, what´s out and what´s right for you. Basically, there are only a few types of window blinds on the market today that appear in many different colors and styles.

Choose a coordinating color or material for the room in question and then take your pick from the following types of window blinds:

Mini window blinds

Mini-blinds are the window blinds of the past. Their metal interiors have proven not to be the best material available for window blinds. After a short while, your mini-blinds will begin to bend into unsightly positions, rust and accumulate dirt that just won´t come clean. Though they gained popularity in the 80´s it was short lived once it was realized that they were a poor choice for window blinds.

Faux wood window blinds

Faux wood or wood window blinds generally come in 2 and 2½ inch strips and are the new mini-blinds. The larger window blinds are much easier to clean, helping them maintain their clean look longer. The wood or faux wood grain in these new larger window blinds gives a softer more tasteful look to any wood instead of the harsh metallic look of mini-blinds. Generally speaking, 2-inch blinds are the cheapest way to update the look of your windows in the most elegant way possible.

Plantation shutter window blinds

Plantation shutters have gained in popularity so much over the past few years that many new construction homes offer them as a standard option when buying a new home. They are very easy to clean and give a homey yet utilitarian look to a room. The only disadvantage to these blinds is that you have to stay clear to open them all the way. On the other hand, they lack the messy tangled up cords that come with traditional window blinds.


Vertical window blinds

Not too many people install vertical window blinds as their first choice in window blinds these days. They break easily by coming off their track up top and changing these window blinds is a pain. However, many apartment complexes use them as a standard and they are a good cheap alternative to more expensive window blinds, especially if they are for a rental or just a cheap fix to old worn out window blinds.

Roman shade window blinds

Roman shades are great window blinds that come in all sorts of fabrics and styles. Depending on the type of shade you choose, they may not block out enough light, especially if it is for a more private room such as a bedroom. There might be a few more styles of window blinds out there, but these are the basic selections that you will see in any store, online or off. There are also a few more things to consider when purchasing window blinds such as cords or cordless, wood, plastic or fabric and of course the basic type of blind.

So get a basic idea of what you are looking for in window blinds and let the hunt begin!

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